3×3 Video Grid Checklist

To complete this successfully, you need to:

  1. Be familiar with our ACC Funnel (WHY-HOW-WHAT).
  2. Use the Content Library as your reference for all the content of the client provided the Operations VA will continuously collect content. BUT DO NOT BE DEPENDENT OF THE ASSIGNED VA’s work. If the assigned VA will not accomplish the task on time, you should carry on and let the VA assigned know to add what you’ve collected in the content library.
  3. Create a new message thread on the message board, name it as 3×3 Video Grid (Internal). That is where we will iterate this task further.
  4. Don’t forget RACI: Who needs to be updated on your progress and who is accountable to let the client know if the dependencies?
  5. What are the dependencies?
    • WHY- HOW-WHAT videos
    • There will be instances that the client’s content is not sufficient to fulfill the 3×3, once you notice this, let us know so we can reach out to the client to let them know what we need.
  6. Provide feedback on WHY you’ve chosen the videos for WHY-HOW-WHAT.
  7. Add timestamp if the content is long.


  1. Published content is great when their audio is clear. (not too noisy).
  2. Published content is not blurry, dark, or too bright.
  3. If you are in need of additional videos, remember RACI.
  4. Once the client approves of the content we’ve chosen, let Operations VA know that the VA assigned needs to update the content library.

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