The ACC Funnel

Local businesses struggle with Facebook video marketing primarily because they do not have an effective strategy. This lack of strategy may stem from the fact that not all local businesses understand how to utilize the social media space. For most businesses, a video marketing strategy on social media does not even exist.

When a small business can address the why, how, and what of their business, they are able to effectively sequence their social following and ultimately convert views into sales.


This first step is for you to develop brand awareness. Therefore, the first set of videos a business needs for your social media video strategy is the why videos.

Start with the why—this is about your business’s passion and your stories. No matter the industry or business there is always a story or history as to why your business came together.

The goal of these why videos are not to push a product or service, they are used to develop brand awareness for your business. By sharing stories, it helps the consumer to connect with your brand on a personal level.


The second set of videos a business needs for your Facebook video strategy is the how videos. This step of the funnel is focused on consideration. The how videos are designed for your business to share your expertise online. Once again, it does not matter which industry or field you operate in because there is always something educational that a business can share with their prospective customers.

The purpose of the how video is to generate engagement with your content. Consideration comes in many forms, whether it’s video views, likes, comments, shares or even link clicks. Not only do these videos drive engagement, but they help establish your business as a trustworthy source of information. This is a key step in the process to build
positive connotations towards your brand.


The final step of this video strategy for your business is to create the what videos. The “what” is the product or service that your business offers. This step is what most businesses do first, and that is to advertise or push their products/services online.

Without the why and the how to set the stage for the what, businesses are being ignored by prospective customers, as they do not want to connect with a business that constantly spams them with sales pitches.

With the 3×3 Facebook video strategy, the prospective customer has journeyed through three stages and is now ready for that sales pitch! So let ‘em have it!

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