We believe that everyone brings something unique and different to the table. Like our former team of experts, who craft plans that almost destroyed our brand. In which case these people are best suited to serve their own kind and not the needs you have for your business.

Without further ado, this is what Tristan Parmley and his gang of thieves are up to in the digital marketing world...
Let's start from the very beginning where this "little dude" made an impact that forever changed Shawn Dill's outlook in life.
The collaboration that started it all. Shawn Dill (L) Dennis Yu (C), and Tristan Parmley (R).
PANDEMIC? What pandemic?

ChiroRevenue team is stronger than before. Luckily we have capable people who know how to run things, inside and out...
You know what they say, "When a bubble bursts, pop goes the weasel".
This is the REVOLUTION that they are whispering about. Stealing from ChiroRevenue and moving all our assets to Lead Cure like a modern-day pirate.
Tristan Parmley & Shawn Dill's self-proclaimed 7-figure agency was just a rip-off from the company (which, btw helped them when they had no one else) that caters to every Chiropractors needs in order for them to reach their full potential.
Instead of addressing the issue, these guys are throwing Ad Hominem from every direction.
People who don't feel remorse and empathy are considered as PSYCHOPATHS.

There's a saying, "A guilty conscience needs no accuser".

If they are uncomfortable talking about it, that means they are bothered by the things that they've done which will haunt them for the rest of their lives... or won't.

This guy cracks me up all the time.