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Course Checklist:

  1. Become a member of our Facebook Group
    • Social Video Insiders Group: a safe place for members of this course to create and publish their videos, in a supportive setting with other members.
    • Assignment–Join the Facebook group and post a 1 minute video so the other members can get to know you better.
  2. Making a One Minute Video
    • 4 components of a one minute video.
    • Alex Langmesser – Video on making one minute videos. (see on page 7)
    • Logan Young – Why one minute video? (see on page 7)
    • Assignment – Make one minute video.
  3. Production vs. Post-production
    • Camera, lighting, tripod and microphone.
    • Learn how to screen capture for free – Wistia Soapbox.
    • Free editing software – HitFilm Express.
    • Learn to use Facebook auto captioning for free.
    • Assignment – Record a video and upload it without editing to Facebook Page.
  4. Content Planning
    • Know your audience.
    • Know your brand –
    • Assignment – Identify the three most important items to your brand.
  5. Editing Video
    • Save time on editing by not recording more footage than you need.
    • Use free editing software until you are proficient to ready to move to a premier software, like Camtasia,
    • Adobe AfterEffects, etc.
    • Assignment – Clip the head and tail of your video so there is no waste time.

Components of a WHY Video

Pro TIPS When Filming

  1. Once you’ve built your Topic Wheel with at least 3 topics and 3 people each for you to interview, it’s time to seed your Content Library with videos that you create.
  2. Start by listing out questions that you can answer in one minute. 60 seconds isn’t long, so choose topics you can properly cover in that time-frame.
  3. Avoid being too ambitious — break bigger topics into smaller chunks. Your audience prefers to consume many small tidbits versus sitting through a full hour of you talking, especially with 80% of these being consumed on their phones.
  4. If you have an iPhone, use the notes app to keep track of these topics and continue to add, as thoughts pop up. You can use a daily planner or whatever ts with your way of organizing your time.
  5. When you’re ready to lm, make sure you have a well-lit location. You don’t need fancy equipment, but having a pro set up doesn’t hurt. Just don’t let an apparent need for pro equipment stop you from making videos.
  6. Avoid using profanity if you’re planning on uploading to Facebook since the usage of profanity is against Facebook’s guidelines.

4 Components of the One-minute Video

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