Video Editor Training Guide

Video Editor’s Guide

As our team is completely remote, it’s important we all follow these systems and expectations to ensure we work together as a cohesive team. As a member of a team, you must understand that these are the non-negotiable expectations.

Communication is Key

We expect our team members to respond to messages in less than 24 hours Monday to Friday. This is non-negotiable and super important as we need to be able to communicate and manage clients in a timely fashion.

Complete Support and Assistance

We have every resource available for you in case you get stuck and lost. You can always reach out to your Team Lead if you need further assistance. We handle all of this for you so you can focus on your zone of genius—getting amazing and reliable output.

But please note that we highly encourage you to take the initiative to study and learn on your own. Our workflows and systems make your job easier and our promise to you is that we will never stop optimizing and improving those systems (so your feedback is important). At the end of the day, we need to get results for clients (aka make them money) and keep them happy to minimize client churn.


  1. Know the responsibilities for each role within the video team.
  2. Understand the pipeline of video editing.
  3. Review what needs to be done after video editing.
  4. Learn the basics of the Video Editing Checklist.
  5. Study steps on How to Create A Speaker Reel.
  6. Apprehend ways on how to Create Captions using Descript.
  7. Repurpose a long form video content.
  8. Know the different aspect ratios for every social media platform.
  9. Check ways on how to download Videos.
  10. Catch steps on how to edit Cameo Videos.
  11. Grasp the Basic Mistakes of a Video Editor.

During onboarding of the client, we want to have a specific folder in this drive for the client, with subfolders:

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