Topic Wheel Micro Course

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The Structure of the Topic Wheel

What I’m selling:
On the inside of the wheel is your core content, the work that’s about you and only you.

My Expertise:
The next layer outside of that it’s the content you’ve created with other people.

Tangential Audiences:
From there you want to figure out how to position your content in a way that will influence the people tangential to your target audience.

This is how your authority positioning is transferred to your customers. I call it my inception model. If you can tie all these assets together in the right way it gives off the appearance that you really have your bases covered.

Action Steps

  1. Get all your online and social media assets in alignment around
    the same message.
  2. Create content about what you’re selling, and your core business.
  3. Collaborate on content that conveys your expertise and partners with other authority figures in your industry.
  4. Position your content to become influential with the communities that your core audience respects the most.

Result You Will Achieve

Content, collaboration, and leveraging authorities to trigger inbound marketing gains.

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