Submit ALAN Campaign Info

Step 1 – Log in to

  • Go to “Referred Business Owners”.
  • Find Clients Account and click the 3 dots next to clients name and “Login As”.
  • Finalizing campaign details
  • Select Chiropractic
  • Remote – Phone – In Office

Step 2 – Finalizing supporting details

  • Fill out a business info form (You can locate designated clients build Info Form Inside of
    • The red asterisk indicates that the information is required to be filled out. This will turn green when filled out correctly.
    • Make sure you filled out every thing and it has a green dot.

Step 3 – Selecting the method of integration

  • Choose which integration you’re going to use. Select GoHighLevel
  • Create Twilio Number (Area Code Should Match Clients City Location)

Step 4 – Finished

  • Click Complete

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