Social Intelligence Suite

We currently have strong Facebook analytics and are working towards multi-channel attribution
across owned, earned, and paid channels.

Here are some of our clients:

Some of the media and outlets that have featured our company:

Brands that have a portfolio of pages, whether they are organized by product or location, can easily
visualize and monitor their Facebook presence:

  • Track interactions across the full portfolio between the hub page and spoke pages. Rank top users by activity. View changes over time to assess the relative growth at the page or portfolio level.
  • Competitive benchmarking on demographic/interest overlaps.
  • Map view to look across multiple locations, franchises, products, competitors.
  • Application integration: Our Facebook ads, apps, and fan page management tools.
  • Share insights with colleagues and set up alerts. Download and print, too.

To learn more click here: Social Intelligence Suite

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