Social Amplification Engine

This course will teach you a step-by-step process to increase your visibility, grow your awareness, supercharge engagement, drive leads and conversions.

Six Phases of SAE

  1. Plumbing
    • In (Digital) Plumbing, you build your audiences and track results.
  2. Goals
    • Your goals are your metrics and your mission. Metrics are your numerically driven targets – cost per lead, ROI, revenue, traffic and so forth.
  3. Content
    • Your content is tied to these funnel metrics and audience segments.
  4. Targeting
    • Target your content to multiple owned audiences.
  5. Amplification
    • Amplify the most important pieces of content that will attract the most relevant people and drive engagement.
  6. Optimization
    • Finally, we constantly and repeatedly iterate. Use Analytics to determine where to put your additional effort or dollar in ad spend.

Let’s implement the Social Amplification Engine together!

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