Reactivation Campaign Checklist

Originally a reactivation campaign was designed to hit an old, dead list for the first time to bring them back into an office, clinic, etc.

The goal is to get an affirmative response. This is not a text blast for information. If we are not getting responses or if we are getting several unsubscribes then we must turn the campaign off, see data standards below.

Click to learn more: How To Build DR Campaign

Tactics and Tools:

High level or Alan Text Campaign – Chirorevenue App

New Client list – Master Google Sheets

Twilio Phone Number

Landing Page if applicable


Response Rate: 10-15%

Booking Rate: > 2-5% per day

Conversion rate on booking needs to be at least 1/3 (30%)

Click demo example: Full potential DR demo

To learn more: Chirorevenue Reaction Campaign

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