Quick Audit Checklist

To complete this task successfully:

  1. Duplicate our Master Version of Quick Audit.
  2. Rename the deck accordingly.
  3. Follow the guide I’ve indicated in the Master Version.
  4. Create a new message in our message board for the iteration of this task. Naming it as Quick Audit (Internal).
  5. Always provide the link in your notes and your updates should be specific on what was done. Add questions if you have any.
  6. Remember RACI: Who needs to be notified of your progress and updates and who is accountable fr letting the client know the dependencies.
  7. Know the dependencies to accomplish your task successfully:
    • Access – so you can view behind the scenes and check performance.
    • Content Library – so you can check the Greatest Hits and see what type of content is performing well.
  8. Remember ACC funnel and what content goes to which level.

NOTE: Keep in mind that a Quick Audit is part of Phase 1, once you complete this, you need to tag a specialist (vertical dependent) and let them know this is completed so the specialist can hop on a call with the client to discuss.

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