One-Minute Video Course

To learn more about One-minute video.

Course Checklist

  1. Become a member of our Facebook Group
    • Social Video Insiders Group: a safe place for members of this course to create and publish their videos, in a supportive setting with other members.
    • Assignment–Join the Facebook group and post a 1-minute video so the other members can get to know you better.
  2. Making a One Minute Video
    • 4 components of a one minute video.
    • Alex Langmesser – Video on making one minute videos. (see on page 7)
    • Logan Young – Why one-minute video? (see on page 7)
    • Assignment – Make a one-minute video.
  3. Production vs. Post-production
    • Camera, lighting, tripod, and microphone.
    • Learn how to screen capture for free – Wistia Soapbox.
    • Free editing software – HitFilm Express.
    • Learn to use Facebook auto captioning for free.
    • Assignment – Record a video and upload it without editing to Facebook Page.
  4. Content Planning
    • Know your audience.
    • Know your brand –
    • Assignment – Identify the three most important items to your brand.
  5. Editing Video
    • Save time on editing by not recording more footage than you need.
    • Use free editing software until you are proficient and ready to move to a premier software, like Camtasia,
    • Assignment – Clip the head and tail of your video so there is no waste time.

3 Components To A WHY Video

The Structure of the One-Minute WHY Video

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