Lead Generation Specialist Daily/Weekly Responsibilities

LGS Daily Responsibility

The health of our ad account and the performance of our clients are determined by our level of care prior to publishing ads. It is essential that the process is followed and that no ads are ever published without first completing a final QA on the build and ads.

Time Management Expectations

  • Each campaign should be “touched” twice a day, MINIMUM.
    • 2hrs first thing in the morning:
      1. Block calendar
      2. Turn off notifications from team chat
    • This should include time to post new ads if necessary.
    • Repeat in the evening.

Leads – High Cost, or Low Lead Flow

  • Are any ad sets in Learning Limited? If so, monitor them closely. If it is outside KPI, turn it off ASAP.
  • Did campaign rules turn off ad sets?
  • Are any ads overspending? Make sure that any ad sets that are outside of KPI are turned off so that other ad sets have the opportunity to spend and garner leads. 
  • Is your campaign spending the appropriate amount of money per day? Verify that your campaign is set for the correct daily budget. 
  • Check your CPC. Turn off any ads that exceed metrics. 
    • Free – CPC under $1.25
    • Non-Free and office – CPC Under $2
  • What is your reach? If they are running remote, it could be wise to expand your radius to gain a larger reach.
  • How long have you been running the content? Is it fatigued? Campaigns generally need to be refreshed once per week. Some clients need to be refreshed up to 2 times per week. Videos will nearly always outperform Pics.
  • Check Crazy Egg. View Crazy Egg recordings to identify where clients may be dropping off and optimizations that could be made to the landing page to increase conversion rates. 
  • If lead costs continue to rise – Change funnel / creative style and test

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