Influence Generator Guide

To learn more about the Influence Generator.

This course is designed to help you increase the influence and authority behind your personal brand by cultivating a community that celebrates you and by developing relationships.

As you put forth a genuine effort to build and tend to relationships, you strengthen your brand’s image as one that cares about friends and clients.

This is the “trick” to generating influence since it’s not what you say about yourself that matters, but what others say about you. By making a positive impact on your community, you gain authority and trust.

How To Generate INLUENCE?

Before you break out the glitter paint, you must first form a strategy.

Consider the following:

  • What are you trying to achieve from giving the gift? (Goal)
  • What will be delivered? What creatives are needed? (Content)
  • Who’s the recipient(s) of the gift? (Target)
  • How will you share the gift with others? (Amplification)

Define your GOALS by what you want to happen when the recipient receives the gift. Do you want them to share it with others and promote you? Are you making a statement, or simply showing some love?

When building CONTENT, keep it simple/easy to prototype. You’ll be using the help of others who will need a general idea of what you’re trying to achieve, so the simpler the required creativity, the better.

TARGET is both fun and tricky. Do you want it to only reach a specific individual? How do you want to announce the gift to them? You can use social ads to target their News Feed, have a physical gift delivered to their home or business, or have FancyHands call them with a personal message.

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