Facebook for $1 a Day EXPRESS CHECKLIST

Express Package completion time: 30-days


  • Complete the Express Plumbing Package
  • Complete Strategy Assesment
  • Complete Access Checklist
  • Complete Topic Wheel

One-Page Checklist:

  1. Quick Audit
    • Video recording going through your social profiles.
  2. Assemble a Content Library
    • Asset to keep track of all your digital assets
    • We Use CrowdTangle to gather mentions for you.
    • Create your 3×3 funnel.
  3. Create Audiences
    • Up to 9 custom/saved audience based on Strategy Assessment
    • 1, 7, and 28-day website visitors of lead magnet, shopping cart, and checkout page visitors.
    • 1-2% lookalike of email list and/or purchasers in last 180 days.
    • Mega Media
    • Workplace
  4. Boost Your Content
    • Promote to cutom and saved audiences created based on Strategy Assessment up to 9 pieces of content for a$1 a day over 7 days.
    • After 7 days lightweight optimization, kill posts that don’t meet our Standards of Excellence, and extend “winners” for $30 over 30 days.
    • Boost cover photo
  5. Add “Greatest Hits” to Content Library
    • Saving posts that meet or exceed our Standards of Excellence.
    • Measure CTR, CPC, CPV, CPE, and Relevance Score against our goal defined by our Strategy Assessment.
  6. Strategy Call with L4+ Specialist
    • This will be done at the end of the 30-day Express period
  7. Month-End Report
    • Change target audiences on “winners”.
    • Create custom audiences based on 10s video viewers.
    • Assemble and rank “Greatest Hits” within your content library.
    • Propose a monthly retainer option for on-going maintenance.

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