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Three Components of Event Management

When you speak or participate at an event, the window of opportunity to share your business extends beyond the event itself. Your event timeline must be broken up into three parts:

  1. Preparation before.
  2. Execution during.
  3. Follow-up afterward.

Four Types of Events

  1. Webinars
  2. Partner Workshops
  3. Private Workshops (we host)
  4. Conference Presentations

This guide is the direct result of attending hundreds of these workshops and conferences, from PubCon to our very own ChiroRevenue workshops.

We’ve taken what’s worked and omitted what hasn’t, then distilled it into a checklist for each type of event.

COLLECT Video Testimonials From Events

  1. Find a quiet place with good lighting.
  2. Film horizontally.
  3. Lead them in with a question. The easiest one to ask is, “What was your biggest take away?” Keep the clips under a minute.
  4. Upload these to Dropbox/Youtube when they’re finished.
  5. Add all video testimonials to our Asset Tracker so they can be used at a later time as authority material.
    • Ensure background of video is elegant so that when footage is used at a later time it is of high quality and appealing to the viewer.

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