Database Reactivation Daily/Weekly Responsibilities

Database Reactivation KPI’s (What do we care about?)

  1. Appointment rate:
    • 3% is minimum satisfaction
    • 5% is good!
  2. Show Rate:
    • >50% is minimum
    • 60-70% is good!

Daily/Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Campaign manager checks daily to make sure campaign is firing? If not, troubleshooot.
  • Campaign manager checks conversation section. If there are unread/unresponded messages, send a message to client to respond.
  • Campign manager checks client opportunities and schedules for appointment outcomes.
  • Take screenshots and share results.
  • Message client if they’re not marking appointment outcomes.
  • Message them when their DR is done.

Client Accountability Document

  • Transfer information from ^^ DR to checklist design.

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