Creating FACEBOOK Lead Generation

Creating/launching a campaign

  1. Go to the client ad account.
  2. On campaign level dashboard click create.
  3. Select Conversion.
  4. Follow the Proper Naming of Campaign, Ad set and ads Below.
  5. Turn on the CBO(Campaign Budget Optimization) if it’s not on.
  6. Scroll down and change the budget, normally the budget for a new campaign is $50. After that click next.
  7. You’re now on ad set level.
  8. Under Pixel, look for the conversion event and select Submit Application.
  9. Edit the start date and always set the start time of the campaign to 6:00 AM.
  10. Edit the Location to the given target location.
  11. Change the Age to the given target age.
  12. Change the Gender to the given target gender.
  13. Change the Placement to Manual Placement and select this placements:
    • Facebook Newsfeed
    • Instagram Newsfeed
    • Facebook stories
    • Facebook stories
  14. Check the Optimization and Delivery it must be
  15. 7 days after clicking or one day after viewing.
  16. Recheck everything TWICE.
  17. Follow the Proper Naming of Campaign, Ad set and Ads Below.
  18. Click Next and edit the creatives.
  19. Check the naming for the ad in this spreadsheet (curretly offline).
  20. Paste the ad copy and headline.
  21. Upload the Video that you can get in
  22. Paste the URL from the funnel.
  23. Click Preview to check if the URL is correct.

For a quick walkthrough click here: Creating FB Lead Gen

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