Client Onboarding Process Checklist

This is the process Chirorevenue uses when we’re beginning a project with a New Client. The Operations Manager and Project Lead must be Proactive and keep the project status up-to-date.

  1. Receive notification from Team Lead about a new client.
    • Check your email and Stripe regularly for new orders.
    • Make sure that we have a Strategy Assessment on file. Ask them to fill out the form in case we don’t have it, link:
  2. Confirm mutually agreed conditions, costs, and timeline.
    • Confirm to Statement of Work (3.1)
  3. Confirm the client’s information.
    • Business Name or Client Name.
    • Business Address.
    • Business Phone Number.
    • POC Name (Point of Contact) (If different from the client).
    • POC Email and Phone number (if different from a business phone number).
      • For businesses with multiple contacts, record ALL contact names and affiliated emails/phone numbers.
  4. Create SOW (Statement of Work) for applicable clients.
    • Refer to Statement of Work (3.1).
    • For clients over package price of $5,000, CC Accounting to invoice and handle the payment.
    • For clients at a package price of $2,500 or below, create a product and a discount code (when specified) in Stripe.
  5. Create a Project in Basecamp 3.
    • For partners, Hours, or similar projects, we name them “Chirorevenue: Name of Partner.”
    • 5k deals: “Clients 3 – QuickStart: Name of Client.”
    • 10k deal: “Clients 2 – Gold: Name of Client.”
    • 20k deal: “Clients 1 – Platinum: Name of Client.”
  6. Create the Client’s Company in Basecamp 3.
  7. Add ALL the POCs designated by the Client
    • Add user/POCs to their Company
    • Apply RACI.
  8. Inform everyone included in the project that you sent an email invite for their Basecamp access. Check their spam folder if in case they don’t see it in their inbox.
  9. Create a Success Tracker template (Ad logos, names, URL’s, and so forth) for our monthly retainer Clients. Make sure to fill up all important details.
  10. Include client/project in the Chirorevenue Client Tracker and Chirorevenue OpsTracker. The training video can be found here.

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