ALAN Funnel/Form Creation Checklist

  1. Log into
  2. Switch to “ALAN – Indianapolis” account.
  3. Click “Funnels & Websites” > “Funnels”
  4. Clone the Funnel named “ALAN – Client Name – Offer”.
  5. Name the Funnel following the naming yemplate “ALAN – Client Name – Offer” (Ex. ALAN – Performance Chiropractic – $37 Exam & Massage”).
  6. Select “ALAN” as the location.
  7. Click Save.
  8. On the left menu bar click “Marketing” > “Form Builder”.
  9. Locate the form titled “ALAN Form Template” & Click the drop down arrow and Select “Copy”.
  10. Rename Form “ALAN Form – [Client Name]” (Ex. ALAN Form – Performance Chiropractic).
  11. Select “ALAN” As Location.
  12. Click Save.
  13. On the left menu bar click “Funnels & Websites” > “Funnels”.
  14. Go to recently created Funnel.
  15. Go to step 1 Titled “Opt-In”.
  16. Click “Edit Page”.
  17. Click On Forms Section on Funnel Page.
  18. On the left side of the funnel builder select the clients form.
  19. Click save.
  20. Go To Step 2 titled “Thank You”.
  21. Click “Edit Page”.
  22. Make Sure There Is a Custom “HTML/Java Script” Element on Page”.
  23. Click Save.
  24. Go To Funnel Step View.
  25. Click Settings.
  26. Click “Add/Edit Domains”.
  27. Click The Green Button “Add New Domain”.
  28. Using The Clients Web Hosting Info Create A Subdomain.

You can locate this information in the client’s contact information inside of the ChiroRevenue account.

  1. Subdomain should be listed as “”.
  2. When done assign the newly created domain to the clients ALAN Funnel.

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