ALAN Campaign Pixel Setup

  1. Integrate Google Tag with Crazy Egg. (Optional)
    • Watch this clip for a quick walkthrough.
  2. FB Pixel/Google Tag Manager Integration
    • New Pixel Creation/Google Tag Integration
      • Navigate to Pixel within “Events Manager” in Facebook.
      • Go to Partner Integrations
      • Click to Link Integrations and select Google Tag Manager
      • Input login information to login popup
        • Watch this clip for a quick walkthrough.
  3. Custom Conversion Creation (Creating Facebook Event Submit Applications)
    • Input the links in the test events field and make sure that the events fire.
    • Once events have fired and you have verified that the custom conversions are working properly, clear the test data.
    • For “Submit Applications” the following is the tracking code that will be placed on step 2 of the Funnel.
    • fbq(“track”,”SubmitApplication”);

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