Our Treatment Plan for Success at ChiroRevenue

At ChiroRevenue, we are the marketing doctors — assessing our clients at the beginning with a finite checklist of items that could be wrong.

like a doctor, we have thorough evaluation processes to determine what your business needs to provide a plan specific to your goals- like a customized health regimen for your business, that consists of:

On a weekly basis:

  • More $1/Day Ads
  • More Blog Posts
  • More Video Cross-Posting
  • More Google Ads

The results, which are specific to the client’s website:

  • Higher Google My Business Local Search Results.
  • More Reviews.
  • Higher Site Traffic Through Google Analytics.
  • More calls, click to directions, and patients.

Our specialists follow this process to ensure all clients are on track and up to speed with these simple questions:

  1. What do they need? (Access and Quick Audit to list concerns / errors)
  2. What did they do? (Creating and maintaining a content Library, Producing new content with our coaching)
  3. What were the results? (Metrics, Analysis)
  4. What are they doing next? (Action/Strategy)

This uses the Social Amplification Engine (SAE) pioneered by BlitzMetrics, tuned for Chiropractors, and is tracked in one big success tracker from start to finish.

For a quick look under the hood at what drives our success, check out these resources:

Our T.E.A.M System