Process Strategy

How we manage 10,000 pages of process documentation!

Check out the supporting documents that make this possible!

1. 9 Triangles 2 Hour Training
2. 37 Minute Logic Engine
3. Course Builder Course
4. Social Amplification Engine Part 1 

And our roadmap of the entire thing!

If you can edit video to make speaker reels, training videos, and conference summaries– that’s a big plus. Experience with light WordPress work is a BIGGER plus!

We have been around for 10 years selling digital marketing courses and implementing digital marketing packages. So we have a lot of client documents that need editing, brochures of what we do to polish up, checklists that we must update with screenshots, and so forth.

We use the standard Adobe suite, though most of our guides are via Adobe InDesign.

Because we have so many courses, including even a course on how to build a course, we have to constantly keep them updated. So the most important skill you can have is strong communication and organization skills to be on top of your email, Basecamp (our project management system), and Skype (how we primarily communicate).

As you get better– doing better quality work, demonstrating you can coordinate with teammates, and increasing your skills, we’ll pay you more. Most of our teammates started at Level 1 making a few dollars an hour and some are now making over $50/hour after 8-9 years with us.

If you can edit video, even better, since we have many videos and interviews that we produce, which we need to chop up into smaller bits, categorize, and load into our training system.

If you know WordPress, that’s a plus, too, since our training system is based on LearnDash, Keap, and WordPress.

But if you don’t know these tools, that’s okay– we will train you.
We believe attitude is more important than current skill, since we hire for the long term.

You must have strong written English, since you’ll be working with our training guides and other documents.

We prefer someone who has experience managing a team, but we’ll train up a junior person, too.

You can see examples of our guides at:

If you’re looking for a great team to be a part of for years to come, we want to hear from you!


Please share your portfolio, why you want to work for our company, and include the keyword “SQUIRREL”, so we know you’re paying attention.

Make a one minute video demonstrating why you would be a good fit for us and why you are a long term player. It can be up to 4 minutes if you’d like. Paste that URL in your message to Do not read a script, but do prepare thoughts.

Don’t forget to include any experience with WordPress, video editing and creating speaker reels!

We expect that you, like the others in our program, will level up and continue to increase their salary over time. As you’re more productive, you deserve to earn more.

Looking forward to hearing from you and how you fit this description!


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