One Of The First Things To Do When You’re Hired

When you are hired for your new job, you should consider updating your social media profiles!

This is a task that all new team members at Chirorevenue are required to complete. So if you’re a new specialist or manager, follow this closely.

Adding your new job title, place of employment, and picture is important and easy for you to complete.

Here’s a tip for choosing a new photo of yourself: choose a picture that clearly shows your face.

Yes, this can be a big decision, especially since you want it to look nice, but I wouldn’t overthink it.

Let’s get started!

On Facebook, you’ll want to login and then proceed to your profile.

Here you can update your profile picture. Next you’ll want to select the “About” tab.

Then select the “Work and Education” tab. This is where you will edit your job information.

Select the “Add a Workplace” option.

Then begin filling out the form to reflect the company and position. Click save.

This is what your input should look like after completion.

For Twitter, once you’re logged in to your account, select “Profile” on the left hand side task bar.

Next, select “Edit profile”. This is where you can input your position information.

Input your job title into the Bio, update your profile picture, and then press save.

This is what your profile should look like.

For LinkedIn, log in to your account and click on your name to access your profile.

On your profile, select the pencil/edit option.

Next, update your picture and input your job title and company name into the heading.

This is what your profile should look like after submission.

After following this, you should be able to properly update your social media profiles to reflect your new position!

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