Google Is A Game,  Here’s How to Play

How To Boost Your Google My Business Ranking

Here are 6 ways to steal traffic from your competition for FREE just by giving Google what it wants.

Google My Business is Google’s way of proving your office exists to users in your community.

When users search in their maps or their browser for “Chiropractor in [City]” or your specific office name, it’s the listing Google shows to bring you business!

Direct Name Search for A Chiropractic Office
The Local 3 Pack.

The most important goal to set for your listing is to rank in the Local 3 Pack. When people search general terms (which is the case most of the time), the local 3 pack in search and in maps sucks up 90% of the business.

There are 6 core components of your GMB listing that should get the most love and send you soaring to the local 3 pack.

Insights: How to track if you’re winning.

The insights section allows you to set your benchmark and goals based on meaningful metrics that drive business results.

What good is your listing if you’re not measuring the value it brings to your office?

Goal #1 is to increase your visibility as much as possible. You want to set a minimum benchmark of 1,000 impressions per month, with a 5% action rate.

Listing Views

There are 3 core customer actions we track to determine our action rate — and Google is quickly pushing us to a 4th.

  1. Visits to Your Website
  2. Direction Requests
  3. Calls
  4. GMB Chat (Newly Released)

You can see this office has roughly 4,400 views this month in search, yet only 182 actions, an AR of 4%.

We’ll unpack how to increase both of these metrics below!

Insights in Google My Business

Reviews: The Ultimate Endorsement

Think about it… if Google is just a computer, what is the strongest signal it can provide to determine if you are going to be a good fit for the user — especially compared to the other guys?

Here are a couple questions for your office:

  1. Are you sending text or email requests for reviews after visits?
  2. Are you replying to reviews? (Which Google favors so much they made an entire tab for it!)
  3. Are there signs in your office requesting reviews?
  4. Are you asking patients in person for reviews?
  5. Are you replying to reviews with videos saying thank you on social?
  6. Are you embedding your reviews on your website for others to see?
  7. Are you cross-posting your reviews as photos on your listing?

* Are you using your customers to do your marketing for you? *

Set a goal in your practice for 10 new reviews per month, in 1 year, you will be among to top 1% of offices in the world — since the average chiropractic office has less than 15 reviews.

Google Made It Easy to Reply to Reviews
Average Reviews for Chiropractors

Increase Engagements With Photos

Yes, a picture is still worth 1,000 words.

Consider your GMB like any other social network. Cross-Post as many photos, videos, and posts as you can and let Google tell you how to categorize them.

You’ll see below there are guest photos — so encourage your customers to take them! In fact, take pictures WITH them!

There are also categories for Video, Interior, Exterior, the team, and more.

When users are sifting through your GMB listing to decide if they want to work with you they will almost always go to photos after they scan reviews.

This engagement sends stronger signals to Google that your listing is worth showing. Just like on social media, more engagement = more reach!

Thousands of views, set it and forget it!

Increase Visibility With Posts

Google’s goal is to get information to the public as quickly as possible.

When you’re cross-posting your Why, How, and What videos or images to the GMB timeline, it helps you help Google’s users — and they love that.

The great news is you don’t have to re-make anything. You can simply cross-post everything from social to this platform.

Google also lets you provide categorized updates based on what a user could be looking for. So always update your offers, events, and products.

GMB Posts Section
GMB Posts in Google Search

Dominate Keywords With Products And Services

When users are looking for an exact product or service, Google is going to favor those that have it in their products and services section of their GMB.

Just like they’ll favor more reviews, videos, and posts.. exact products and services are signals to trust that the user is in the right place.

When I search “Dumbbells” for example on Google, you can see Google Product ads, which you can run for your practice too!

Google Product Ads
Add Your Products

The same applies to your Service section – where you can add descriptions and price. These should be identical to what’s on your site, which is also competing against all other offices and GMB Listings in your area!

Google Service Listings

Give Google The Ammo, Fill Out Your Info!

You should complete every section of Google My Business Info out as accurately as possible.

There have been a number of myths spread about search and social that you should limit information to “entice people to call and figure it out.”

Not true!

In fact, Google is actively penalizing you for having less information than “the other guys.”

Your online calendars should be full, so you can prompt customers to call to get ahead, but you should have as much information as possible about your business ready at any moment.

Google is a bot — the bot cannot make things up for you, no matter how hard it tries!

Fill in all Google My Business Info

Honorable Mention: Online Bookings

Recently Google announced online bookings through GMB. Although it’s not compatible with the most of the dominate EHRs.

Many of the marketing platforms are like this too, so if your EHR synchs with your Google Calendar — then you can use a third-party provider here and synch it with the same Google Calendar.

Google My Business, Online Booking

The Bottom Line

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to “stand out” for local businesses, yet at the same time, it’s never been easier.

Google My Business is just one of the many channels to store info and drive traffic.

The good news is, 90% of the work is set and forget it, or can be solved systematically with your in-house team.

Additionally, you don’t have to beat every chiropractic office in the world.. you only have to beat those in your area!

Google your competitors, look at their listings and compare.

PS: If you were to audit the points we’ve made here and the sublists to check, how would you score?

PSS: If you would like help maximizing your Google My Business Listing, message our chat!

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