Founding Engineers

We’re looking for a highly skilled PHP for Workflows and Dashboards — here’s the blueprint!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 Organizing The Dashboard

I’ve also included a zoom on Gamification that shows the Dashboard and what we’re building. The main thing: we have so much supply and demand for our agency services, so we must build a 2 sided network that gamifies work into queues, fulfilled by Virtual Assistants. This is already in motion to process custom print on demand products. Same logic, different business model.

Watch this gamification video. it’s one of the highest-level strategy calls for the future.

Part 4 Gamification
Part 5 Cooks and Queues

See this post from Dennis Yu covering the details of our architecture with this image.

See the link for caption and details.

Our Team

Our founding team has worked with some of the largest companies in the world… Building the analytics for Yahoo, American Airlines, Nike, Red Bull, and the Golden State Warriors to name a few.

We’ve recently launched ChiroRevenue to verticalize the enterprise work we’ve done for marketing and performance.

In the last 120 days, we have grown to 70 clients, and outgrown many of our tools, and have begun the development of our queue-based workflow and dashboard.

We also have partnered with the leading CRM and EHR software for the offices, tying ALL of the work we do to revenue and aligning directly with our client’s business goals.

Our business is building their business. We get paid to win.

We will have 1,000 clients in chiropractic alone and use our proven processes to launch other agencies in complementing verticals.

This is a ground-level opportunity for a strong developer. An A-Player
We can always upgrade skills but action and interdependence are critical for success in this role.

Are you an A player?

Is that you?

Email with the subject line “Let’s Go”

Candidates must be able to develop and proficiently maintain PHP and HTML applications, as well as understand complex data structures and business models.

The ability to associate and display different sources of data and coordinate them in the database and UI is critical, as we pull from most social networks and advertising platforms.

Furthermore, applicants should possess a willingness to learn and master new technologies, and work within a team.

Here’s the most comprehensive document to date covering installation and support for this dash – including daily/weekly maintenance tasks. 

The supporting developer needs (at minimum) professional-level skill in 

  • PHP
  • Docker
  • MySQL
  • Git
  • Python
  • AWS Lambda 
  • Docker
  • Git

and (at minimum) entry-level skill in:

  • Angular/JavaScript
  • Nginx

Experience in AWS is a plus:  (EC2, CloudWatch, RDS, Elastic Container Repository, CloudFront, S3)

For anyone working on the WordPress Site-Builder, professional-level PHP is also recommended.


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