Community Managers

Are you the type of person who goes the extra mile to make someone smile (even if you don’t know them)?

This rare opportunity is for you if you genuinely enjoy helping customers while empowering a company to grow. You’d be working with our Operations Manager at BlitzMetrics , working full-time.

*** If you send a canned response or have English that isn’t excellent, your application will not be considered.

Please read the details carefully below before responding, since we are hiring for the long-term.
We pay our people well, because we want the best and to see them happy, while growing in a great career with us.

If you have a true love and passion for respecting and serving customers through your contribution, we invite you to apply to become one of our soul centered team members and share your gifts with our community.

Your role is to fulfill two closely related responsibilities: The Client Care Specialist as well as Virtual Assistant to the executive team.

You’ll be the frontline and friendly voice of BlizMetrics, assisting our customers through technical challenges to account issues, to managing memberships for our online community, plus anything in between.

This exciting position is for you if you truly care about making a lasting difference in the lives of others and who also excels at highly repetitive tasks. It’s for you if you can balance both the needs of the company and the needs of the customer… and if you love growth and spiritual expansion.

We have powerful and positive intentions. We care about our team members, and celebrate each other’s wins.

(Renumeration for our team members can be made either weekly or twice per month depending on preference, and can also be conducted through either Paypal or Transferwise)


• Excellent communication skills (both written AND verbal)
• Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters
• Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
• Extremely technically savvy (if you had to, you could teach technically challenged Grandma how to use her iPhone)


• Full Time: 30-40 hours
• Working Hours Available: Any time 8 hours a day
• Flexibility: occasionally work weekends or hours outside 8:00-5:00 during major product launches.


• SOLUTIONS FOCUSED – you are someone who doesn’t waste time with excuses. You identify the problems and move directly towards a solution.
• OUTSTANDING COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATOR – You understand human emotions, feelings, thoughts, tendencies and display patience, empathy and seek understanding.
• FAST PROCESSING SPEED – you can easily handle a high volume of emails and make quick decisions if they require a response.
• SYSTEMATIC AND HIGH ATTENTION TO DETAIL – you thrive on highly repetitive tasks and pride yourself in your high attention to detail.
• SUPERB LISTENER – you comprehend just as well as you speak AND believe that listening is just as important as speaking.
• CREATIVE: You are not a robot. You can easily take a “template” email response and make a few tweaks so the customer feels both appreciated and validated.
• TEAM PLAYER – you understand that we’re a team and customer satisfaction is a company and department KPI, NOT an individual accolade.
• MULTITASK – You are able to wear multiple hats and easily shift from one thing to another.
• SELF MOTIVATED: As much as you’re a team player, you’re also self motivated and able to keep yourself inspired while working virtually.
• EAGER – You have a passion for self-growth and are both curious and willing to learn

Success Outcomes:

• Continually improve customer engagement and client satisfaction
• Advocates on behalf of the customer
• Searches for ways to make the customer happy
• Proactive in communication with the executive team with quick and efficient responses.


Write the word “INCEPTION” at the top of your application.

Also, tell us why you’re a long term player in your response and make a one minute video demonstrating why you would be a good fit for us and why you are a long term player. It can be up to 4 minutes if you’d like. Paste that url in your message through the your message to Do not read a script, but do prepare thoughts.

We expect that you, like the others in our program, will level up and continue to increase their salary over time. As you’re more productive, you deserve to earn more.

Looking forward to hearing from you and how you fit this description!

Only applications submitted through the email will be entertained.

If you know Infusionsoft, Facebook ads, basecamp, and wordpress, even better.

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    Hey, My name is Hamza Lamssaddar after finishing the capstone module I was advised by Juan Martho Agdan to process, to visit this URL, and apply for the SEO/Community Manager role.

    I’m very excited for this opportunity to be part of the Blitzmertics/ Chirorevenue team and share all my expertise with the team and give as much value as I can and learn as much as I can during the process.

    as for my skills and expertise

    I’m really good at :

    Digital Strategy
    Running Facebook ads
    building landing pages using wordpress
    HTML, CSS, Javascript
    Teamwork and getting stuff done

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