Account Managers

We’re looking for strong account managers who can run projects, teams, and client calls!

Curious about what an Account Manager does? Check out these videos and our details at the bottom!

#DDD and #CID for individual and team effectiveness.
Being an effective project manager by troubleshooting from the Client Tracker
Delegation and management to avoid project failure.

We have 70 clients in our digital marketing agency, who all need packaged execution according to our checklists.

We have a combination of virtual assistants and specialists to on-board clients, coach clients on content production, edit videos, upload content to social/web, run reports, and run ads.

Our checklists are incomplete and need help. So the ideal candidate can help us tune the training and ensure we have foolproof execution.

We need 3 more community managers to help us cross-post for our clients, collect mentions, curate blog posts, analyze Google Analytics data, boost winning YouTube posts, upgrade out Google My Business listings, and a whole host of other things to drive measurable business results.

If you are hungry, super attentive to detail, can learn quickly, and want to work on killer team, then you’ll crush it!

Full time and long-term only, since we play to win.

You can live and work anywhere.

If you would like to apply, email with the subject line “I AM!”

Tell us about your experience in fast-paced situations dealing with clients and team members.

Also, to show you’re paying attention, tell us about the Eisenhower Matrix mentioned in the videos in your email. 🙂

Here is more about our company, including what we’ve published on the ChiroRevenue YouTube channel.

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